CIC–Zero Carbon Park
CIC-ZCP has a total of 2,940 square metres of space for hire in the outdoor area. With a mix of paved and grassed area, marquees and other structures can be erected to create a focal point for your event. Its open environment can draw attention of passers-by. Whether it is a trade fair, PR event, or entertainment activity, these venues can help you achieve awareness and result you desire. Adjacent to the CIC-ZCP indoor exhibition area with state of the art facilities and amazing view of greenery landscape, our Multi-Purpose Hall can cater for up to 150 people or be partitioned into two separate halls to meet your needs. They are suitable to accommodate virtually any type of event - signing ceremonies, meetings, training sessions, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, charity activities, etc.
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Have Built-In LED Wall
Have deployable window screen to reduce indoor temperature
Have existing carbon-neutral programme
Have existing video system
Have Green building or venue certification