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Search for the green event products or service providers who match the needs of your green event plan so that you can achieve the environmental goals of your event efficiently.
Select the type of service you want, and then follow the filters to find the provider who fits your need.
  • Have existing public address system
  • Have Existing service to reduce potential food waste
  • Have existing video system
  • Have independent air conditioning system that can adjust temperature
  • Reusable tableware and food containers
  • Have Built-In LED Wall
  • Have deployable window screen to reduce indoor temperature
  • Have existing carbon-neutral programme
  • Have Green building or venue certification
  • Provide refilling water
  • Provide resource recycling solution
  • Have light dimmer
  • Provide green free transport support
  • Have existing food donation programme
  • Have existing food waste composting programme
  • Have Third-party sustainability certification
  • Provide figures to support environmental auditing
  • Use locally produced products
  • Use sustainable/ organic produced food supplier

  • Vegetarian menu
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